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Death By a Thousand Cuts

It’s that time of session when you can pretty much tell what bills the legislature is likely to pass and you’ve seen all of the budget drafts except for the final version. Thus, we can have a pretty good understanding of how the legislative session might shape up for the counties. While there are bills that will add resources to

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What to Expect in the Final Two Weeks

As we move into the second-to-last week of the 2019 regular legislative session, legislators are busy working to get bills off the House and Senate floors before the Wednesday cutoff deadline. Bills must be out of their opposite houses of origin by Wednesday, or they are dead for the session. There are always exceptions, notably if a bill if “necessary

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Stormwater Bill Still Moving, Spring Round-Table this Thursday

Week #10 brings with it a return to committees and public hearings as the Legislature passed its “house of origin” cutoff March 13. Bills that did not receive floor action in their house of origin by 5pm on the 13th are now considered dead. For those bills still alive, they’ve moved to the opposite chamber and will undergo the same process

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