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A Quick Rundown of Human Services & Public Safety Budgets

In the 2019-2021 biennial budget, the State invested a significant amount of money in the behavioral health system. Whether that funding is sufficient is yet to be seen because of the many, complex factors involved, including finalizing integration, and issues related to the state hospitals, capacity, staffing, and Trueblood. In the capital budget, $119.9 million is dedicated to community-based behavioral

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Week in Review: Hearings, Hearings and More Hearings

This past week has been a busy one, with WSAC staff testifying at no fewer than a dozen hearings. With the House reporting passing 350 bills over to the Senate, and only 20 days allotted to policy committee hearings, next week should prove to be a busy one, as well. On Monday, WSAC testified in support of HB 1913, the

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Let’s Fund Veterans Service Officers

HB 1448 (Rep. Maycumber), which creates a Veterans Service Office Program to provide funding to counties with populations of 100,000 or less to establish veterans service officers (VSOs), would be a great benefit to not only veterans but the communities in which they live. The amount it costs to employ a VSO is minimal compared to the incredible return on

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Veterans’ Assistance Levy Bill Heard

Last Thursday the Senate Ways & Means Committee heard SB 6031, sponsored by Sen. Van de Wege.  This bill separates the Veterans’ Assistance Levy from the county general levy. It further protects the levy from pro-rationing under the $5.90 limit.  WSAC testified in favor of the bill, as did Commissioners Helen Price Johnson and Randy Johnson.  Commissioner Gelder also provided

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