Solid Funding for Solid Waste

On April 9th, local solid waste managers, environmental public health directors, and county commissioners came to the capital to advocate for local solid waste financial assistance (LSWFA). Used for the development, implementation, and enforcement of solid waste management plans (including recycling and hazardous materials), LSWFA funding is distributed statewide to all counties. The funding source for LSWFA has been the

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The “Clam” Before the Storm

Although rumors are running rampant about what to expect for legislation dealing with natural resources and the environment, very little has materialized in the form of actual filed bills to date. Here is a short list of some of the legislation I’m tracking: HB 1037 – Allowing the Use of Chemicals to Prevent the Decline of Aquaculture.  This bill would

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WACSWM Wants to Clean Up Recycling

  Ellensburg, WA (April 16, 2018) – The Washington Association of County Solid Waste Managers (WACSWM) held a statewide meeting in Ellensburg April 11 and 12 to discuss issues related to solid waste and recycling. This year, industry partners in Washington have been meeting to discuss the impacts of the ban on certain recyclable material exported to China. Originally called

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Ecology Rule Affects Solid Waste Dollars

  On December 22, 2015, the Department of Ecology filed began the process of updating rules related to Coordinated Prevention Grants, specifically, WAC 173-312 and 173-313. This process has continued through the spring and summer. During this rulemaking process, Ecology used an existing advisory committee which included members from county solid waste facilities and environmental health directors from local health

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