About Your Association Management System

The Hub. Your Association Management System.

WSAC’s new Association Management System (AMS) will give you the ability to have one-stop access to the resources and information you need to keep up-to-date on WSAC meetings and events and provide a collaborative environment for committees and affiliates to engage. This initial launch will help us build our database of active members. We will continue to roll out new features, such as event registrations, boards and commissions applications, and our own WSAC App! You will also be able to control and update your information. This helps us keep our data current and relevant while creating efficiencies by combining many of our databases.

Please register for access to the member’s portal by going to members.wsac.org and creating your account today! If your information has already been imported, you will see a prompt asking you to combine or update your account. Please do so, and after completing your registration, you’ll be approved by staff for access.

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How to Register:

Please note, that if your information has already been imported, you will see a prompt asking you to combine or update your account, please do so.

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How to Join Your Affiliate’s Group:

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What’s it for?

WSAC’s Association Management System (AMS) is the best way to connect our data, registration, event management, communications, resources, and learning management. Previously, all this information was in separate programs and databases, making updates and tracking difficult. Now, you’re in control of your data, and all our information is housed under a single solution!

Is my data safe?

We understand the importance of keeping your personal information secure and take appropriate steps to safeguard it.

Your data is stored on a dedicated, secure cloud server hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the United States (Virginia) with industry-standard firewalls, anti-virus, encryption, and backup methods in place, as well as strict data handling protocols.

We always ensure that only authorized WSAC employees and approved contractors have access to your information.

Where can I get some more help?

An all-in-one solution makes it easier to manage our membership, with a smart system to store data, segment contacts, and encourage engagement. If you are looking for more help, please reach out to members@wsac.org with any questions or concerns.