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Fire in the Senate

A major hearing took place this week in the Senate as the Ways and Means Committee heard SB 5996 for the first time. This bill, known as the Wildfire Prevention and Suppression Act, was recently proposed and is intended to create a dedicated program for providing funding to improve the fire-fighting capabilities of our state’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR)

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When We All Lose

Whenever someone dies too young, we all lose something. We lose the person, who and what that person was, and what he or she would’ve become. I was shocked and sorrowful to receive the news last week of the tragic death of Kittitas County Sheriff Deputy Ryan Thompson. The loss of Deputy Thompson in the line of duty is a

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WSAC Members Storm DC

This year, we had one of the largest contingents of county officials from the state of Washington to attend a National Association of Counties’ (NACo) Legislative Conference. WSAC members joined nearly 2,000 other county leaders in Washington, D.C. on March 2-6, 2019. Numerous sessions and presentations focused on important topics that link federal funding and policy with County operations including:

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Governor Inslees’s Budget Proposal

Last Thursday, Governor Inslee released his proposed 2019 budgets. Generally, the governor’s budgets are seen as an executive and judicial branch “wish list” that the legislature will consider along with their own priorities. The following is a summary list of the expenditures and new revenue proposed by Governor Inslee that may be of interest to the Counties. We won’t see

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